Friday, March 2, 2018

Recycled Tank Cars On The Layout

As was typical in areas near railroad tracks in the 1950s, there are several recycled freight cars on the layout, including tank cars. I use these recycled tank cars as the focal point of various mini-scenes.


All of the tank cars were purchased at swap meets for a few dollars or less and then weathered as one might expect for a recycled car. Weathering consisted of dry-brushed paints, weathering powders and washes made from diluted paints and alcohol/weathering powder solutions.


The one heavily rusted tank car (below) was an experiment in which I spread a layer of glue on the car body and then sprinkled on rottenstone. I then coated the surface with rust colored weathering powder.


Rottenstone is weathered limestone mixed with various forms of silica. Also known as "tripoli", it is a fine powdered porous rock used as a polishing abrasive for metal and wood finishing. It has applications similar to pumice.


As used on this tank car body the rust effect is extreme and maybe a bit overdone.


Details were added to complete the scenes. I have boxes of detail parts so there always a lot of choices to for finishing each mini-scene.


Below are photos of these mini-scenes.

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  1. Always a good idea, and real life is, or at least was, full of such installations. Also a nice way to use those "gifts" from well meaning friends and family that just won't work if left alone, or those purchases you made before finalizing a plan. Waste not want not I always say. I plan a small engine service area at the end of a branchline, and already have a tank shell or two to utilize for the location; good thoughts Bob, keep em coming. JohnH. CEO and Janitor Arizona Southern RR.