Monday, February 5, 2018

On-Line Industry: Genco Oilve Oil Company

The inspiration for this on-line industry was the Godfather movie series. Genco was formed by Vito Corleone in the 1920s. It was a front for the family's criminal activities and was named after his childhood friend and consigliere, Genco Abbandando. It eventually grew to become the largest olive-oil importer in the nation.


The brick Genco building on my Citrus Belt Railway is the New York company’s Southern California warehouse and distribution center. Genco is a good railroad customer, consistently receiving boxcar loads of canned and bottled olive oil... and sacks of cement. They occasionally ship out loads of oil drums filled with what probably is just trash.


The building logo was copied from the Internet, printed on very thin paper and glued to the building.

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  1. Maybe I'll have to do something similar for Don Tommasino, since he got injured and never really healed helping Vito get the guy that had his family murdered. Hey, Genco was the cover that got them in the door on that caper too; it just keeps on giving. Cute. JohnH. Arizona Southern RR.