Monday, December 26, 2016

Upland Packing House Model

My recent post about the Scheu Manufacturing Company and Upland prompted Otto Kroutil to write to mention that he built an HO scale model of a packing house for Steve Mahan loosely based on the Upland Packing House.

Looking through my collection I found a photo I took of Otto's packing house on Steve's layout.

Otto Kroutil's Model On Steve Mahan's Layout

Otto has a 27 foot x 21 foot layout based on a two-level layout plan published in the 1999 issue of Model Railroad Planning. It is a large N scale representation of the west side of Cajon Pass from San Bernardino to Summit, circa 1950.

Steve Mahan's Pacific Coast Lines is located in a dedicated 1,500 square foot building with three rooms.  The standard gauge portion is two levels throughout with the levels connected by a two percent helix. The era is the mid- to late 1950s.  The primary focus is Southern Pacific but the layout does not represent specific locations and towns.  Several towns are reminiscent of various West Coast, Inland Empire and Sierra Mountain areas. 

Here are links to the prototype packing house from Jim Lancaster's packing house website:

Looking at the links I believe you will agree Otto did a fine job capturing the look and proportions of the prototype.

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