Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Slim Gauge Guild Way Back Then

Some of you may be familiar with the current home of the Slim Gauge Guild ( on Raymond Avenue in Pasadena, CA. The club's two narrow gauge layouts are located in the 2,000 square foot basement of a former factory that produced Chinese porcelain ware. But there was a time long ago when this pioneering narrow gauge club had an earlier home, so I had heard but knew little about...until last week. Bear with me a bit, please.

I am a member of the Hemet Heritage Foundation, which operates a museum at the restored Santa Fe Hemet Depot ( The Foundation leases space at the Depot to the Destination Coffee Bar & Bistro ( I stopped in last week to view some new Museum exhibits and have lunch.

While I was enjoying a Cuban sandwich I glanced at the magazine reading rack and spied a copy of the Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette. It was the only railroad magazine in the rack so it really stood out (to me, at least). I borrowed it to read at my table.

All the other magazine were current but fittingly for a museum environment, this magazine was thirty years old though otherwise in great condition. It was the May/June 1986 issue.

The contents included "A Short History of the Slim Gauge Guild" written by a young author, Charlie Getz. This is the same older, wiser (as we all are) Charlie Getz who is the current NMRA President. He goes on to tell the story of the humble beginning of the club, its successful quest for a first home, some of the pioneering scenery techniques developed by club members and then the misfortune of the club losing that first home. The article concludes with club's acquisition of its current home.

It's a good article with illustrations. Unfortunately, it's not available on the Internet to read but the magazine can be purchased via Internet sources.

In sum, you never know what you will learn about this hobby while eating a Cuban sandwich.

On my Yahoo group I posted this message about the early days and former home of the Slim Gauge Guild in Pasadena, CA. Evidently it struck a cord with readers as a number of them, mostly former members, commented on the original message post. You can read this on the links below.



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